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Charging Tips

OPTIMA is an AGM battery, and is not charged the same as a gel battery. If your charger offers different modes, select the correct one for your battery. The wrong setting (such as AGM/Gel) will damage your battery over time, and leave it less than fully charged.

If your battery is 10.5 volts or lower it is considered a deeply discharged battery. See our tech tip on recharging deeply discharged batteries for help.

Alternators are NOT chargers for deeply discharged batteries. Do not rely on your alternator to do the work of a charger. If you need to jump start your car, it is best to use a battery charger to fully charge your battery.

Low and slow is best. A low amp charger (up to 10 amps) is the best choice for charging lead acid batteries. It’s quicker to charge at a higher amperage, but can generate a lot of heat, which reduces battery life.

An AGM battery at 10.5v or greater can be charged with most battery chargers. Under normal conditions, an OPTIMA should never experience “at-rest” voltages below 12 volts.

Types of Chargers

If possible, use a newer charger or smart charger. Many have an AGM mode which will adjust the current and voltage accordingly to get the best performance.

Look for a charger with a de-sulfation mode to help condition your battery and keep it performing at its best.

Under normal conditions, most 12-volt automatic battery chargers will work on an AGM battery, but the battery may only be charged to about 80 percent of its capacity. Newer chargers have settings specifically for AGM batteries, and some even have separate settings for OPTIMA®

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